Half Life 3 May End Controversial Wait This Weekend!

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E3 2018 is only a few days away from now and the event promises to host a wide array of exciting gaming announcements and reveals. Valve has confirmed that they will be participating at the event and they will have some games for show.

This has raised the chances for Half Life 3 to finally get announced and fans of the Half Life series cannot be anymore excited for it. After all, Valve did mention a month ago that they are done with their tech projects and have gone back to making games. Valve also said that they are surprised with the number of pending sequels to their existing franchises that requires their immediate attention.

The statement from Valve is by far the biggest clue to Half Life 3’s development and it may just lead to the game’s announcement happening at E3 this weekend. For more clues and leaks on Half Life 3 to strengthen this expectation, you can check out the video below.