Half Life 3 vs Half Life Reboot: Pick A Side

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Fans of the Half Life series have waited over a decade for Valve to release the next major instalment and it is now looking to happen.

The hype for Half Life 3 was restored after Valve revealed in an interview last week that their tech projects are done hence they will move back to developing games. Valve also mentioned that they have a large number of pending titles to work on and they are excited for it.

While there may be no mention of Half Life 3, it is pretty obvious that the hotly-anticipated title is part of Valve’s list of pending projects. But then again, if you are to keep in mind that Valve is done with their tech developments, there is a chance for the developer to hand the Half Life series a HD reboot instead of jumping straight to Half Life 3.

Such an outcome would make sense as Valve can have their greatest gem being tuned for their technologies such as virtual reality. The decision to reboot Half Life can also revive the love for the franchise hence building towards an epic Half Life 3 release.

So if you’re a fan of Half Life, we would love to know if you prefer getting a reboot or for Valve to make no delays in launching Half Life 3. Sounds off below.