Half Life: Sudden Update, Plot Release Revives Half Life 3 Hopes!

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It is not fun to be a fan of the Half Life series as that would mean going through a painfully long wait for Half Life 3. It gets worst when Valve continues to remain quiet about Half Life 3. The game developer refuses to confirm or deny Half Life 3’s development for reasons unknown.

This leaves Half Life 3 in a gray area where it can either happen or not. Well, today, new signs emerge and they are suggesting that Half Life 3 is truly in the works.

The first sign came in the form of an update for Half Life. The original Half Life game from two decades ago has received a sudden update that fixes a minor issue with the game. The update means that there is a developing team managing the Half Life series and their long silence must be due to the development of Half Life 3. If the development team is inactive, there can’t be an update for Half Life.

The second sign came in the form of a story that is meant for Half Life 3. For reasons unknown, the writer has released a plot summary for Half Life 3. Whether it is to bring closure for the Half Life fans or to tease on the game’s coming is a question that remains to be answered. So, will Half Life 3 happen?