Here’s How Blizzard Can Improve GTA 6 Online!

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The success of GTA 5 has led Rockstar to confirm on GTA 6’s inevitable release somewhere in the future and the future sequel is expected to build upon the model used on the existing title.

By this, we are referring to the vast landmass, interactive gameplay and a massive multiplayer online mode in GTA 5. The online mode, in particular, will require more attention from Rockstar because the implementation in GTA 5 has been all but smooth.

Despite being a great idea, the fun factor in GTA 5 Online has been missing and this is due to hackers as well as microtransactions. Fans are hoping for these bad elements to get fixed for GTA 6 and perhaps, Rockstar should take inspiration from Blizzard.

The latter is a rival game developer and they have continuously impressed gamers worldwide with the high quality MMO experience which they have to offer through their games. Blizzard’s method is to create multiple game modes that will appeal to every type of player and such a model can serve GTA 6 Online well.

If mayhem without the influence of money is all that matters for the players, then there should be a specific multiplayer online mode for it in GTA 6. There should also be another mode for players to play missions together without facing any disruptions from other players.

Should Rockstar observe the same methods for GTA 6, the sequel’s online mode is bound to be a massive success and it will be rated highly for the experience it offers. What do you think?