Here’s How Harry Potter Can Save Niantic From Another Gloom

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Niantic’s Pokemon Go may be one of the world’s most popular mobile video game around but this does not mean that it is the best game to play on your smartphone.

For the Pokemon purists, they felt that Niantic has ruined an opportunity of what could be the most engaging Pokemon game of all time. We completely understand where these folks are coming from and it certainly hurts to see Pokemon Go being all about catching Pokemon with no major goals worth chasing.

Soon, Niantic will be launching their next major video game and like Pokemon Go, it will have an augmented reality game style. But instead of being based on the Pokemon franchise, the upcoming title is confirmed to take on the magical world of Harry Potter.

Details of the game are unclear at the moment but we personally hope to see Harry Potter Wizards Unite to focus on puzzles with some bits of action rather than being all about finding stuffs like finding Pokemons.

Such an outcome can make us forget about the gloomy experience in Pokemon Go and it will fit the Harry Potter’s theme well. Think about it. The entire Harry Potter franchise is filled with riddles and this can offer an engaging experience when implemented on augmented reality.

But of course, this is just our hopes for the Harry Potter video game from Niantic. We would love to hear your hopes and expectations.