Hitman 2 Release Date Confirms On Episodic Setup

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It is official. IO Interactive is about to launch a brand-new Hitman game and we can’t think of it as anything that is other than Hitman Season 2. The official teaser went online yesterday with the full reveal being reserved for E3 tomorrow.

The sudden tease on Hitman 2 also placed a Dutch insider in a new light as every claim he made thus far has been accurate. The Dutch insider wrote on a magazine with the claims of Hitman 2 being in development and it will get unveiled at E3 this year. If that is not exciting enough, the game will be making its debut in November 2018.

When you look back at Hitman Season 1, the game was launched in November as well but it ended up being a half-baked title that eventually gets completed with a new episode getting launched on a monthly basis – up to a total of 4 months.

Today, IO quoted the same thing when they revealed that the next Hitman game will be available in both digital and physical copy by March 2019. That is four months after the leaked November release date and this strongly suggests that Hitman 2 will arrive in Q4 this year before getting completed with new episodes for 4 straight months. Are you excited?