Hitman Definitive Edition Skipping PC Platform, No Pitchforks Needed

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It is official. Warner Bros. have confirmed that they will be launching Hitman Definitive Edition next month but the reveal has left a number of gamers scratching their head in confusion.

This cannot be helped as it was very recently ago when Hitman Game of the Year edition made its debut and it is dubbed as the most complete version of the title. Hitman Definitive Edition will be based on the same game and what’s more confusing about it is that the title will be made only for the Xbox One and PS4. What gives?

After researching more about the game, we discovered that Definitive Edition will not be any different from Game of the Year edition aside from the addition of some new suits. The aim of Definitive Edition is to offer gamers a physical copy of Hitman, something which is not offered with the GOTY version.

There are still a large number of gamers that prefer a traditional disc and Warner Bros. is merely catering to this crowd. Hitman Definitive Edition in disc form is also the reason why the game is not being made for the PC due to the lack of feasibility on the platform.