Hitman GOTY Edition To Determine Assassination Future!

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Here in the gaming industry, there are no modern assassination-based video games that are bigger and better than Hitman. The title from IO Interactive is an established name in the market and it had just been completed further with the release of the Game of the Year Edition.

Never once has Hitman failed to impress the gamers and this resulted in the development of the GOTY edition that compiles every good thing about Hitman and wraps it up in one title. You can already check out the trailer for GOTY edition to get your slice of hype towards the game.

Today, it gets more exciting as IO Interactive has stepped up to confirm that the Hitman franchise will continue to get new sequels in the future, although details on those sequels won’t get released in the near future.

The way we see it, Hitman GOTY Edition will be influential to the future of the series. If the game is to sell at an average pace, then we are expecting IO to launch multiple episodes on a timely basis.

On the other hand, if GOTY Edition is to sell like hotcakes, the future of Hitman may return back to a full-blown video game which gets launched once in every two years. What do you think?