Horizon: Zero Dawn Raises The Bar For Elder Scrolls 6

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It seems that Bethesda’s decision to delay Elder Scrolls 6 can be a benefit in disguise for the Elder Scrolls fans. We say this because the delay can allow the world to get a better look at Horizon Zero Dawn and take some inspirations that can improve on the gameplay aspects of Elder Scrolls 6.

The title from Guerilla Games is currently one of the most played games around and those that have tried it are full of praises. The fans really like the massive open world landscape that is filled with breathtaking visuals and a highly interesting plotline.

So what can Elder Scrolls 6 learn from Horizon Zero Dawn? We actually identified two things and they are as below. Feel free to chime your ideas in the comment section below.

1) Bugs
Despite being huge, Horizon Zero Dawn is well inspected so that it is free of any major technical issues. This is something most other RPG titles should learn from.

2) Story Tie-up
The Elder Scrolls Series may have the best plotline for an RPG title but most of its sub quests have zero influence on the main plot. Horizon Zero Dawn is the complete opposite and Elder Scrolls 6 should learn from it.