How Hideo Kojima Is Sticking The Finger To Konami

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Hideo Kojima is still pending to find any sort of closure after getting into a feud with ex-employer, Konami. The lad left the firm and started his own production house in a bid to terrorize Konami.

If using reputation and influence to woo away the workers from Konami’s camp is bad enough, wait till you check out Horizon: Zero Dawn’s credits. The game ended in full style as it listed down every name that helped Hideo Kojima in making the title a success for Guerilla Games.

What bothered us most is the fact that some of the names are still working for Konami when helping out with Horizon: Zero Dawn’s development. Surely, this will anger and frustrate Konami even further.

The icing on the cake is with a brief title which shows on the name of games which the helpers have worked on.