How Minecraft Rescues PS Vita From Extinction

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Sony seems to have its hands full with the PlayStation 4 Pro and (maybe) Slim at the moment, making it seem as if the handheld PS Vita has been left to sit at the bleachers, relegated to an afterthought. That, fortunately, isn’t how the company intends for the story to unfold.

In Japan, the Vita has been kept healthy by decent sales numbers and Sony aims to push that further by increasing the number of younger users, according to Kotaku. Yes, we’re talking about kids.

This is due to the fact that Minecraft has been able to sustain the popularity of the portable platform. Its immense success on the Vita has been encouraging to Sony, so much so that we may see first-party games being developed for the handheld in Japan. There should be one released before the end of this year.

So while the Nintendo Switch portable-console hybrid is taking the rest of the world by storm, the PS Vita would be deepening its roots in its home market. How long do you think the current Vita would last before it fully gives way to obsolescence?