Ingress Allegedly Delaying Pokemon Go Updates!

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For those of you who don’t know, Ingress is the first ever Augmented Reality video game from Niantic but it never managed to make it big like Pokemon Go.

Well, this is about to change as various reports have confirmed that Niantic has planned for a second-generation Ingress for 2018. The new Ingress game is due to come out next year and it will be very different from the game available today.

While no details were provided, the reports did mention that Ingress will be getting a completely new look, new story and new technology.

Everything sounds great on the surface and it shows that Niantic is making progress with their AR approach on video games. However, for some Pokemon Go fans, they are unhappy that Ingress is getting attended too.

These folks have been crying for Niantic to not delay Pokemon Go updates and build the game to reach its full potential. Up until today, that has yet to happen and it doesn’t help knowing that Niantic is spending more time with Ingress.

Could this mean that Ingress is holding Pokemon Go back?