Injustice 2: Counting Down The End Of PC Misery

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PCs are no doubt the most powerful gaming platform around as it is not restricted to strict programming and hardware setups. This means that you can build yourself an overpowered rig that can run games significantly better than the best consoles today.

There is one big downside with the PC however and it is the game publishers. Majority of major gaming companies tend to delay a game’s release for the PC and it is something we can never understand.

Among them is Injustice 2, a DC-based superhero fighting game which is already available on the consoles. Over on the PC, fans of Injustice are still stuck with the Beta version of the game and it hurts them to see their console counterparts enjoying a head start in the fighting title.

Well, we can now start looking across the field because the misery of waiting for Injustice 2 on the PC will be coming to an end shortly. It was confirmed today that Injustice 2 will arrive on the PC on November 14. That is a week from now and we personally can’t wait for it.