Is Half Life 3 E3 2018’s Biggest Surprise?

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In three weeks from now, the lights will go out in Los Angeles. A projector will then illuminate on the walls of the exhibition centre with a countdown ticker in motion. As the crowd gets distracted, mascots dressed as Combine floods into the scene and then boom, Half Life 3 confirmed?

Such a happening would be awesome for any Half Life fan to experience and it may just be the case at E3 2018. This is after Valve confirmed that they are developing a new single-player video game which they are hoping to launch in their next fiscal year.

To make it more exciting, Valve has followed up their confirmation by revealing that they have gone back to making games. It was then when Valve quoted that there are a number of existing franchises that needs a sequel and this pours hope for Half Life 3 to finally get developed.

So, will Half Life 3 get announced at E3 this year thus putting the decades-long wait for the game to rest? All will be confirmed at E3 this year.