Is Halo Poaching On Half Life 3’s Alleged Goal?

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It may not be officially confirmed by Valve but online evidences have convinced the vast majority of Half Life fans that Half Life 3’s production delays is caused by Valve’s desire for the game to have a full virtual reality setup.

It is a plausible cause of the delay for Half Life 3 – especially when you are to consider that Valve has invested a lot of money and time in the development of VR technology. With the Half Life series being the biggest gem from Valve, it is only right for the game developer to turn Half Life 3 into the face of its VR technology as that will cement a positive sales prospect.

But the sluggishness in the development of Half Life 3 may spoil Valve’s plans and this is since a job opening surfaced online and it calls for a developer that can develop a Halo video game in VR.

Halo is a sci-fi-themed FPS title that is very similar to the Half Life series and if the next Halo game managed to nail it with its VR setup, it will expose Valve for not having the ability to compete on the game developing scene.

The Halo VR job ad has been gaining attention on the internet and rumours are expecting the complete game to arrive by 2021. Well, that is about 3 years away from now and the clock is ticking for Valve to bring out Half Life 3.

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  1. gordon freeman

    March 28, 2018 at 9:56 am

    he will be released in 3 years !!!
    half life 3 confirmed !!!!

    thanks gaben !!!!