Is Skyrim Together A Potential Hazard For Elder Scrolls Online?

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Elder Scrolls V Skyrim is one of the best RPG the world has ever seen and it is still one of the most played titles around in spite of its age. This cannot be helped as the fantasy world is continuously getting something new from the community through fan-made mods.

One of the most anticipated mods at the moment is called Skyrim Together and it was planned to make its debut this month until an issue forced the creation into a delay.

The developers made it public earlier today that their attempt to launch Skyrim Together was blocked on Steam and they were notified of it by Bethesda. The original developer of Skyrim never provided a reason to why the move is block and it got many speculating that the mod is a potential hazard for Elder Scrolls Online.

Such a claim is made based on the fact that Skyrim Together has the ability to turn the original title into a multiplayer video game. The multiplayer online aspects of Elder Scrolls are already established in Elder Scrolls Online hence it could be the reason why Bethesda is not allowing Skyrim Together.

But of course, the developers are still calling Bethesda up for an explanation on the matter so that they can find a solution for it. The speculation above should be taken with a grain of salt until further clarification is provided.