Is VR To Be Blamed For Elder Scrolls 6 Delays?

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Virtual Reality is tipped to be the way of playing video games in the future and the shift to VR gameplay is already happening as we speak.

Bethesda is one of the few developers that are investing heavily on VR technology and their ambition to produce a fully-capable VR variant of Fallout 4 has led to delays in Elder Scrolls 6’s development.

The Elder Scrolls Series significantly outnumbered Fallout in terms of popularity and Skyrim has further proved that there is an unlimited demand for a massive open-world, fantasy-themed RPG. So why is Bethesda delaying a potential gold rush that is Elder Scrolls 6?

If we have to put our finger on it, blaming Fallout 4 VR’s development won’t be right at all as the project is just a tip of the iceberg in this situation. The likely reason is because Bethesda wants Elder Scrolls 6 to be fully playable via virtual reality.

Nobody in the right mind would want to sit out of a profit thunderstorm, especially when it involves a profit-driven company like Bethesda. What do you think?