Kingdom Hearts 3: Did You Notice Xehanort Taking Over Sora?

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Square Enix had recently released a brand new trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3 and fans of the Kingdom Hearts series cannot be more excited for the upcoming sequel.

The trailer, like most other trailers in the Kingdom Hearts franchise, are filled with clues on what is going to happen in the game and we can’t help but to expect a scene that will see Sora struggling to survive Xehanort taking over his body.

If you are to check out the latest trailer, you can see that Sora’s eyes look greener than usual. This could mean that Sora is suffering from a major poison or he is being taken over by the antagonist, Xehanort.

The Kingdom Hearts Series have never shied away from offering a big plot twist hence we can’t right off the above as something that is entirely impossible. After all, it was mentioned that there will be 13 Xehanort in total to combat the 7 warriors of light and Sora could turn into one of them.