Kingdom Hearts 3 Gets PC Boost Thanks To Final Fantasy XV!

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Kingdom Hearts 3 is the next major game to come from Square Enix and it is expected to arrive towards the end of this year.

Despite the lack of details on the Kingdom Hearts 3 on the internet, the series’ close association to Final Fantasy has painted a rough picture on what to expect in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Among them is with the game’s performance on the PC, which is expected to be as great as how it is for Final Fantasy XV. Square Enix even revealed that they found it easier to build Final Fantasy XV for the PC platform due to the lack of restrictions.

This is not empty talk from the developer as Final Fantasy XV’s vast technical settings have managed to bring the best experience on the PC.

Such an achievement will definitely be brought forward into Kingdom Hearts 3 hence you should perhaps look forward to playing the game on the PC to get the best experience around.