Kingdom Hearts 3 May Arrive With Multiple Endings!

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If you have participated in discussions about Kingdom Hearts 3, you must’ve at least viewed a couple of fan-made endings. Some are hoping for the protagonist, Sora, to die after defeating Xehanort while others are hoping for the antagonist to switched over to the light side.

Well, with Kingdom Hearts 3 not being out yet, we can’t be certain on how the game will end but if Final Fantasy XV is to be referred to, Square Enix is probably lining up a number of different conclusions for Kingdom Hearts 3.

The game developer made it known today that Final Fantasy XV is about to get 4 new DLCs and one of them will bring in an alternate ending for the game’s main plot. Seeing that Kingdom Hearts’ offerings are largely similar to Final Fantasy, we can assume a similar outcome for the Disney-themed game.

But of course, this is just speculations from our end. We personally feel that this is the best approach for a great Kingdom Hearts 3 game as it will let players experience the ideal ending for Sora based on their choice.