Kingdom Hearts 3: More Reasons To Why PC Won’t Suffer Delay!

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Kingdom Hearts 3 is one of the most anticipated video games at the moment and the title is expected to make its debut next year.

Being a major AAA video game, it makes it easy to understand why Square Enix is pushing to launch Kingdom Hearts 3 on every gaming platform available. But seeing that many games tend to get delayed for the PC, this has left fans of the Kingdom Hearts series on the platform feeling worried.

If you’re among them, it is best to put your delay fears to rest because it is unlikely to affect Kingdom Hearts 3 at all. A recent interview with Square Enix saw the game developer praising the PC platform for having no restrictions to the way they launch their titles.

In detail, Square Enix specifically quoted that building Final Fantasy XV for the PC is much easier than the consoles. The latter has too many rulings to observe and there is also the trouble of optimizing the game for the hardwares built on the consoles.

Meanwhile, the PC’s flexibility has made things a lot simpler for Square Enix. They can simply throw in every level of setting into a particular game and let the players pick the best one for their PC.

With Square Enix showing a lot of love for the PC platform, it is perhaps safe to assume that there will be no delays for the PC version of Kingdom Hearts 3.