Kingdom Hearts 3: Should Sora Die?

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Kingdom Hearts 3 is the next big thing to come from Square Enix and the game is heavily linked to make its debut this year. Being a Kingdom Hearts fan, we cannot be any more excited because it has been a long and painful wait for Kingdom Hearts 3.

If you are to look back at every statement made by Square Enix in regards to Kingdom Hearts 3, you will learn that the game will bring an end to Sora’s adventures. The protagonist will go into a final stand against Xehanort and it will conclude the entire plot for Sora.

With that in mind, we can’t help but to wish for a darker story offering in Kingdom Hearts 3, especially since most of the fans have matured into adults. Our idea would be to have Sora dying right after defeating Xehanort due to the injuries sustained in the battle.

Such a happening can then be followed with a cutscene of Sora’s death being mourned at the beach where everything started hence giving the entire plot a huge emotional end.

But of course, this is just our idea for Kingdom Hearts 3 and we personally feel that it can make the game more emotionally engaging. We would love to hear your thoughts on it.