Last Of Us 2: This Is Not Ellie’s Mother!

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Very recently ago, Naughty Dog released a teaser trailer for The Last of Us Part 2 and it managed to rock the game’s huge fanbase.

Since then, fans have been discussing on the possible outcome in Last of Us 2 and we can’t help but to cringe at the speculations claiming that the lady in the teaser is Ellie’s mother. We simply find this to be a wild guess and one that is unlikely to be true.

This is because (possible spoiler ahead) Ellie’s mother is confirmed to be dead by Marlene in her audio logs. The only for the lady to be Ellie’s mother is if the sequence in the teaser is actually a flashback that will feature in The Last of Us Part 2.

Either way, the contents revealed thus far are still far too vague for a certain prediction and this is something we love as it keeps the anxiety as well as element of surprise alive.