Left 4 Dead 3 Hopes Raised At The Cost Of Half Life 3

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Trilogy is a word which Valve is struggling to understand and this explains why their major gaming series are not getting a well-deserved third major sequel.

The most impactful of them all is Half Life 3 – a game that has kept the fans waiting for over a decade already. Valve has been toying with the fans’ emotions on this one as they kept on building and destroying hope for Half Life 3.

Today, this happened again during a ‘positive’ tease made by Valve. The game developer’s Gabe Newell went on an interview to address the questions on a third major sequel and he pointed out that Left 4 Dead 3 would be perfect for it. Left 4 Dead fans are pleased by this announcement but they are also in disbelief as most of them found it more important for Half Life 3 to come first.

The full statement reads as follow:

“Products are usually the result of an intersection of technology that we think has traction, a group of people who want to work on that, and one of the game properties that feels like a natural playground for that set of technology and design challenges. When we decided we needed to work on markets, free to play, and user generated content, Team Fortress seemed like the right place to do that. That work ended up informing everything we did in the multiplayer space. Left 4 Dead is a good place for creating shared narratives.”