Left 4 Dead 3: New Hope Shot Down By An Angry Fan!

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Last weekend, word of Left 4 Dead 3’s development spread online like wildfire and this is due to the discovery of Left 4 Dead 2’s Facebook page becoming unavailable.

The removal of the game’s official social page greatly suggests that Valve is about to bring out something fresh in regards to Left 4 Dead 3 via Left 4 Dead 2’s Facebook page.

Well, those that are gullible enough to believe that had just made Valve’s day because it is not happening. The Left 4 Dead 2 Facebook page has been left with zero activities over a lengthy period of time and it resulted in a public user to adopt the URL name.

The user has now stepped forward to confirm that he now adopts the Left 4 Dead 2 URL and he has decided to use the dead Facebook page to blast Valve for offering poor communication with the fans.

The user is clear upset over the lack of information in regards to Left 4 Dead 3 and he has decided to bring the fight to Valve.