Mario Tennis Ace: Tournament Demo Raises Common Issue!

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About a week ago, Camelot released the official demo for their next major IP – Mario Tennis Ace. The demo gained a lot of positive feedbacks from those that have given it a try and this is owed to the complex tennis gameplay wrapped in a simple and addictive package.

Everything about Mario Tennis Ace looks promising and it has left gamers on the Switch interested in purchasing the game when it gets released later this month.

Today, a new demo got released an it is a dedicated tournament mode for Mario Tennis Ace. In this mode, players compete against each other via an online connection and it brought out a major issue – poor connectivity.

The folks in Japan has already experienced it early on when the gamers complaint that the online experience has been poor before pitting the blame on the servers. We tested Mario Tennis Ace’s tournament mode for ourselves on North American region and it handed us a bitter experience due to the lag.

You should note that the opponent we select was tagged with full bars on connectivity but when in game, the bar turns red. It is clear that the issue is with the servers and the release of the demo is probably meant for Nintendo to work on a solution.