Mario Tennis Aces: Demo Secretly A Stress Test?

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Game demos are the best when it comes to giving gamers a preview experience of an upcoming title but for Mario Tennis Aces, we don’t think it has such a goal.

The demo for Mario Tennis Aces was released a few days ago and our experience with the game tells a different story. We thoroughly enjoyed the whacky and addictive tennis gameplay with Mario characters. However, the fact that the demo requires an online connection and also comes with huge lags during online play suggest that the preview is more of a server stress test.

Think about it. Mario Kart has no such lags and the online potential with Mario Tennis Aces is huge. Nintendo is likely working on an ideal online connection setup for Mario Tennis Aces by monitoring the online performance of the demo.

The timing further strengthened this belief as Mario Tennis Aces is only but 3 weeks away from its official debut. This is just enough time for Nintendo to establish an online connection system that is problem-free for Mario Tennis Aces. We certainly hope that’s the case.