Mario Tennis Aces: Roster Holding Expectations Hostage!

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It is official. Mario Tennis Ace is going to be the next major sports-themed video game coming to the Nintendo Switch and it promises endless hours of fun.

The ongoing E3 event saw Camelot Software showcasing on the features which the game has to offer and it didn’t take them much to attract the cheers from the crowd. Most gamers that are on the Switch has got already experienced stellar preview of Mario Tennis Aces through the Demo copy.

The only downside with Mario Tennis Aces is the fact that the roster looks small and underwhelming. While you may be able to unlock new characters with game progression, some of them are said to be reserved for a future DLC.

The unlockable are kept as a secret at the moment and you will need to play the full version of Mario Tennis Aces to uncover them. Anything underwhelming will surely spoil the love for Mario Tennis Aces.