Marvel Heroes: The Bad Has Passed, The Worst Has Come!

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There were two talking points in the gaming industry since the start of November 2017. The first is about loot boxes and Electronic Arts is tangled in the middle of it. The second is the sudden axing of Marvel Heroes.

It was understood that bad PR and poor gamer-count has resulted in the shutting down of Marvel Heroes. It sounds alright since the axing of Marvel Heroes feel like it is for the right reasons but the community then realized that it will victimize the players.

Marvel Heroes was launched a year ago on the PC and it has been only 5 months since the game debuted on the console. The online multiplayer title managed to reach out to a respectable number of gamers and while the numbers are not up to par with the publisher’s target, there are still a lot of gamers that have purchased Marvel Heroes.

As such, shutting the online game down will bring consequences like players asking for refunds. This is a subject which nobody from the gaming scene has responded too and they will need to address it inevitably.

If asking for refund is already a tough call for the players, things have gotten worst for Marvel Heroes as the shutting down date has moved from 31 December to this Friday. Many gamers on Marvel Heroes are recording all the stuffs which they have purchased online due to worries of losing their gaming profile that will disrupt their call for a refund.

If you are on Marvel Heroes, it is best for you to follow suit or the game publisher make get away with the consequences easily.

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  1. Joshua Hoffman

    December 3, 2017 at 3:00 pm

    Marvel heroes wasn’t launched 1 year ago for PC. It’s been around since 2013. M