Mass Effect Andromeda Beats Resident Evil 7 In Horror

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Resident Evil fans can be pleased with Resident Evil 7 all they want but the game’s horror way of things is actually second best to newly released sci-fi title, Mass Effect Andromeda.

Yes, you read that right. The intense open world adventure space exploration game happens to have better horror elements when compared to a pure horror title like Resident Evil 7. This is confirmed by the gamers who simply found the default faces in Mass Effect Andromeda to be more horrifying.

As such, some of the gamers have taken advantage of the situation to give Mass Effect Andromeda a dark touch. These players chose to create their character with a nightmarish appearance and the bad facial graphics made it easier for them to pull through.

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As how you can see above, the protagonist looks like it came from planet disaster or some 70s horror flick. It is both gruesome and awesome at the same time. But of course, we don’t expect the majority of the players to be happy with it and a fix is still needed from Bioware.