Mass Effect Andromeda Brings Aspirations To The Witcher 4!

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Mass Effect Andromeda may not be the best rated Mass Effect game around but you may want to thank the title for convincing CDPR into developing The Witcher 4.

Yes, you read that right. Back when CDPR launched The Witcher 3, they wrote off every hope for a future sequel due to the plot reaching a conclusion in the third sequel. This upsets the Witcher fans as they can’t get enough of the fantasy world.

Today, the circumstances have changed as CDPR was heard saying that ending everything in The Witcher 3 does not sound ideal. CDPR revealed that they have poured in a lot of time, money an effort in making The Witcher into a massive RPG brand hence there is a responsibility to keep the series alive.

When questioned about The Witcher 4, CDPR said that they are keeping an open mind about it. If it does happen, The Witcher 4 must not have any affiliations to the plot set in the original trilogy.

In case you have forgotten, Bioware uttered the same thing when deciding on Mass Effect Andromeda. The Mass Effect adventures ended in Mass Effect 3 but the demand for sequel has motivated Bioware to develop Andromeda.

To not ruin the happenings in the original trilogy, Andromeda came out with a fresh new plot and a brand new protagonist. For all we know, The Witcher 4 may just replicate this.