Mass Effect Andromeda Leaves PS4 Gamers Whining

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Over the past week or so, many fans of Mass Effect on the PS4 have been whining over the fact that the upcoming sequel, Mass Effect Andromeda, is going to come out earlier on the Xbox One.

Yes you read that right. Bioware confirmed that Mass Effect Andromeda will arrive early through EA Access and this means that gamers on the Xbox One can look forward to enjoying a 10-hour head start in the game.

Now we don’t like taking sides in the console wars as we find it to be stupid but we are able to see some positives behind EA’s move to give an early access to Mass Effect Andromeda on the Xbox One.

Think about it. The Xbox One is a complete failure in this generation console wars and it may close shop as a result. With Mass Effect Andromeda coming in early on the Xbox One, it may add some life to the sales of the console thus lowering the risk of Microsoft exiting the gaming industry.

It will be a bummer if Microsoft is to make an exit because that will give Sony a free pass in the market. When that happens, Sony can get complacent and also get tempted to milk as much money as possible from the market.