Mass Effect Andromeda: Look To Horizon Zero Dawn For Clues

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About a week ago, we shared with you on some of the things which RPG game developers can learn from Horizon Zero Dawn and we never realized that Bioware is well ahead of things.

The game developer is about to launch Mass Effect Andromeda and today, we learned that the side quests in Andromeda is shaped to be similar to Horizon Zero Dawn.

Those that have played the latter should know better that the game offers side-quest that are in-depth and have a huge impact in fantasy world. The same can be said for Mass Effect Andromeda as the side quests too will be in-depth and have some influence in the Mass Effect galaxy.

An insider further backed this up when they revealed that the side quests in Mass Effect Andromeda won’t adopt the typical get from Point A to Point B setup. Instead, it will be filled with dialogues with tasks to do.

This is great news for every Mass Effect fan as Andromeda can offer a pure RPG experience just like how Horizon Zero Dawn is doing.