Mass Effect Andromeda: NPCs Cheerful For Death!

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We are days away from the official release of Mass Effect Andromeda but we don’t have to wait until then to see how the game looks like. Several major reviewers have been handed an early copy of Mass Effect Andromeda and they made no delays to share some scenes from the game.

Every video tells something negative about the game and it is with the graphics. It appears that Mass Effect Andromeda really looks bad when it comes to small details.

One example is with the facial expression of the characters in the game. In one scene, the conversation was about a loved one getting killed but the faces are all very cheerful about it. This is really bad unless you can take it with humor. You can check out the example below.

So there you have it. For us, the graphics can be forgiven if the gameplay aspects and plot are going to be really good. We will still be picking up the game. What about you?