Mass Effect Andromeda: Patch Brings Mild Improvements To Graphics

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Mass Effect Andromeda may be the newest Mass Effect game but it has left the majority of the fans in frustration. This cannot be helped as Bioware promoted Mass Effect Andromeda like it is free of any faults but the end product is full of it.

Graphics is one of the weak points in Mass Effect Andromeda but the good news here is that Bioware has never stopped pushing out updates to fix the issue. Today, a new patch got released and it finally puts Andromeda’s graphics on normal level.

We can expect the graphical elements to keep on improving with every patch released but it still won’t give Mass Effect Andromeda a perfect 10 score.

This is because of the weak plot of Andromeda which can only get improved on with a sequel. The latter is not expected to get released until many years from now and Bioware really need to dig deep if they want Andromeda’s faults to get forgotten.