Mass Effect Andromeda Waves Goodbye To Funny Faces

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One of the things that the majority of Mass Effect lovers found disturbing with Mass Effect Andromeda is the game’s graphics. Despite making big promises prior to the release of Andromeda, Bioware has failed to deliver the best graphic experience on a game.

Mass Effect Andromeda came out with a comical appearance where the facial expressions of the characters lack any life and realism. Furthermore, there are a lot of rendering glitches that can be seen when playing the game.

This is quite a letdown as the poor graphics resulted in an underwhelming Mass Effect experience. The good news is that Bioware has never stopped pushing out updates to improve on the game’s ‘broken’ graphics and the latest patch arrived earlier today.

Thanks to the patch, we can now breathe easy as Mass Effect Andromeda looks acceptable. We can expect more improvements to come out in the future hence it is safe to start waving goodbye at the funny faces on Mass Effect Andromeda.