Metal Gear Solid Remastered: Another False Hope Tragedy!

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The last couple of years have seen a number of rumours linking Metal Gear Solid to get a HD remastered edition for the Sony PS4 but none of them has come true.

That was the case until last Friday when an established game developer cited on their online portfolio that they are currently working on a Metal Gear Solid HD Remastered for the PS4 as a follow-up to the release on the Sony PS Vita.

This very discovery has led thousands, if not millions of Metal Gear Solid fans to jump in joy but their celebration was quickly ended when the game developer rectified their error.

Armature Studio released a statement claiming that no such game is in the works and the cited project in the portfolio was a mistake at their end. While the clarification is straightforward, some fans refuse to accept it and they believe that the developer is merely hiding the project.