Metroid Prime 4 Don’t Intend To Follow Half Life 3

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Half Life 3 is one of the most anticipated games around but it appears that Valve can’t see the huge demand for the game. This has left the Half Life fans waiting over a decade for the game and it looks like more of them have given up on its creation.

Several Half Life lovers took it to a gaming forum to express their disappointment with the wait. One lad commented that he tuned into E3 for the past 5 years already and there is still no sign of Half Life 3.

This year’s E3 was the final straw for these fans, especially after seeing Nintendo confirming that Metroid Prime 4 is in development. Metroid Prime 4 was thought to be the Nintendo’s version of Half Life 3 since it has left the fans on a long wait.

But unlike Half Life 3, Metroid Prime 4 is now confirmed to be in the works and it is likely to debut on the Switch next year. If Metroid Prime 4 is able to make it rain gold for Nintendo, will Valve finally submit to developing Half Life 3?