Microsoft Xbox One Offer Refunds For Marvel Heroes, Sony PS4 Pending

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By now, you must have heard about Marvel Heroes shutting down. Well, it has officially happened after the publisher pulled the plug on Marvel Heroes Omega earlier today across all platforms.

We have also discussed before on the consequences of axing Marvel Heroes and we pointed out that it will be unfair for the fans that have purchased the game recently ago. As predicted, these players have been loud in requesting for a refund and their request is being answered.

While not by the game publisher or developers, Microsoft has taken initiative to refund every Marvel Heroes purchase made on the Xbox One. As an example, we had just been granted a $15 refund for our online purchases made in July on Marvel Heroes and we would recommend you to do the same via Microsoft Support.

One would say that this is a marketing stunt to show that Microsoft cares greatly for the gamers but we couldn’t be bothered to debate at all. If Microsoft is doing good, they have our praises and trust.

Meanwhile, those on the Sony PS4 are still looking for someone to take responsibility for their Marvel Heroes purchases.