Miitomo Would Boost Nintendo Switch Popularity

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Gaming consoles nowadays must be capable of doing more if they want to succeed in the industry.

The best example for this is the Xbox One, which has acquired a decent number of sales despite being so far behind the Sony PS4. The fact that the Xbox One is also built as an all-in-one entertainment system allowed it to survive a console war which should have killed the console.

Nintendo is also hoping to offer something unique with the Switch to keep it interesting in the long run and their idea is Miitomo. The latter is a social networking tool that is now being refined for the Switch and it will allow gamers to connect with friends, take up rewards and download some Switch extras.

Those that logs in Miitomo from now until March 23 will get different things each day and the items are from 5 different categories – wallpaper, stamp set, flooring, t-shirt and a visor.

It is an interesting concept that will create a more engaging world of gaming and it is a mixture of the features from Steam, Xbox Gold and Playstation Network. Such an addition will definitely boost the Switch’s popularity.