Minecraft: 4K Experience Coming To Project Scorpio

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Minecraft is one of the jewels in the gaming industry as the players simply can’t get tired of the game. Minecraft offers a world where gamers can express their creativity through creations and this explains why the game is still one of the most played titles despite of its age.

If you are among those that can’t get enough of Minecraft, we have great news for you. The game will soon be playable in 4K resolution. This was confirmed earlier today when the developers announced that Minecraft Windows 10 edition is coming to Project Scorpio.

Knowing that Project Scorpio promises 4K resolution as its basic offering, we can safely assume that Minecraft will be adopting 4K native resolution gameplay for the upcoming console from Microsoft.

Some would say that playing in a world of blocks at 4K doesn’t make sense but this is not true at all. If you have played Minecraft at its early days and play the same game on the current generation consoles, you will see that the graphical satisfaction is completely different between the two.