Mirror’s Edge Catalyst A Failure?

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Back in June last month, EA Dice released the sequel to Mirror’s Edge, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. The game was made to enhance the parkour experience with a more extensive plotline but it has failed to impress the major reviewers.

Today, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst saw a huge price dip. The game can be obtained for as little as $35 and this suggests that the title is a big failure. Well, we have played the game and found it to be less exciting than the first title.

The original had tight controls and well-designed semi-linear levels. The second game tries to make itself an open world RPG, which really breaks the pace of the game. We noticed a lot of mundane moments that spoils the momentum of the title.

Of course, this is not to say Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is a bad game at all. It is just that it fails to step up from the original title.