Modern Warfare Remastered Has Already Failed Loyal Fans

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Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered is a game that many would love to play but this is no longer the case today as fans of the franchises admitted that the nostalgic excitement with Modern Warfare Remastered has been destroyed by Activision.

The first mistake Activision did was selling the game as a bundled title. Nobody can own Modern Warfare Remastered without having to purchase Infinite Warfare. The aim here is to give the newer FPS title a boost on the sales front.

Now, things got worse as the fans are lashing out at Activision after learning about a new DLC coming to Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered. The DLC contains 4 classic maps that are really popular in the past title and they will be coming out next month.

However, the fact that the DLC will be priced $14.99 – $5 more than how it was back in original Modern Warfare – has turned every excitement into anger. The point of fallout happened when Activision defended the price hike by explaining that it is because of the supply drops, which the majority of the gamers are not fond of.

It goes to say that Activision has lost the plot with Modern Warfare Remastered and there is no way to save the old great game. It’s a pity because many would have loved if Modern Warfare Remastered turns into a standalone title.