Monster Hunter World: More Delays For The PC!

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One of the biggest mysteries in the gaming industry is multiplatform games being delayed for the PC platform. Over the years, a large number of multiplatform titles debuted on the PC at a much later date and a growing number of PC gamers simply can’t understand why.

It cannot be helped as games are developed with the use of a PC so why can’t the platform enjoy a same day launch? If that is not bizarre enough, some games that got brought over to the PC at a later date ended up having more issues than its console counterparts.

The common occurring of delayed releases for the PC is something which gamers have grown accustomed to and if you’re among them, then you shouldn’t be surprised that Monster Hunter World for the PC has been delayed further.

The good news here is that the delays are not so bad as Monster Hunter World is still coming out 2018. But instead of getting launched in summer, the game has been pushed to autumn.