Monster Hunter World: PC Delay Explanation Is Not A Cliché!

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Monster Hunter World will be making its debut on the PC platform towards the end of this year and this is about a full calendar later than the console version of the game.

News of the delay has already caused a lot of unhappiness within the PC realm but Capcom has got a good reason for it. The game developer made it clear today that the delays are required as they need more time to optimize Monster Hunter World for the PC so as to ensure the best gameplay experience around.

This is a great response from Capcom but a large section of the PC crowd remains unconvinced. It cannot be helped as there have been many games delayed on the PC because of optimization but they ended up being problematic. The excuse can be described as a cliché response from game developers when it comes to addressing PC delays.

But in Capcom’s defence, there has never been a bad release for Monster Hunter hence PC gamers should take the delay positively and not with scrutiny. The verdict will be out once Monster Hunter World arrives on the PC some time in autumn (the earliest).