Monster Hunter World Ultimate Coming In Q1 2018?

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Monster Hunter World is barely 6 months old in the market and this may seem too early to talk about a new instalment for the Monster Hunter series.

But then again, Capcom has made a strong statement earlier today about launching two major IPs by March 2019 and we can’t help but to expect a new Monster Hunter game to be in the mix. Make no mistake about it. We are not expecting a huge sequel to Monster Hunter World.

Instead, we are expecting Capcom to launch Monster Hunter World Ultimate Edition that will be filled with more contents than the original Monster Hunter World video game.

Such an outcome is a huge possibility because most Monster Hunter games have gotten an Ultimate Edition a year after they got released and there is also the fact that Monster Hunter World won’t get additional support from Capcom following January next year. It’s only right for this to be a signal of Monster Hunter World Ultimate’s coming.

If Capcom truly sees this as a major IP, we can expect to hear a thing or two about it at E3 next month. Stay tuned.