Monster Hunter XX Holding Nintendo Switch Potential Hostage

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The Nintendo Switch has been out for a couple of months now and sales of the consoles could not look any better. The Switch simply lived up to the expectation of the masses thus allowing to gather sales at a faster pace than both the Sony PS4 and the Xbox One.

This is something really positive for Nintendo but if you think that this is the best the Switch can do on the sales front, you are wrong. It was highlighted today in a report from Japan that the Switch can make bigger leaps in sales once Monster Hunter XX gets ported over to the system.

Monster Hunter XX is an iconic game on the Nintendo 3DS and fans are wishing to play the title on the Switch. The anticipation for the Switch’s version of Monster Hunter XX is just so huge that having it released will greatly boost sales of the gaming system.

But of course, Nintendo has yet to share any specific dates on when Monster Hunter XX will be making its way on the Switch. The certainty is that the game’s arrival on the console will unleash the Switch’s full sales potential.

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  1. Matt

    May 8, 2017 at 4:52 am

    I want a Monster Hunter port or new game as much as the next person, but does no one actually factor in the numbers and see that releasing a Monster Hunter game this soon would spread more ill will (in their home market especially) towards supply issues. They do not have a big enough install base yet anywhere to support the massive demands this title would bring in Japan alone. So what you would have is Nintendo doing all they can to keep up with a demand they can not meet and pissing off potential Switch adopters that are hardcore Monster Hunter fans, but cannot get their hands on a system (AKA most of Japan). Monster Hunter will come in, but now is not the time.