Monster Hunter XX Takes Nintendo Switch Achievements Hostage

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The Nintendo Switch is currently selling at an extremely rapid pace and this puts it in a good position to outdo the current bestselling console, the Sony PS4. In its first month, almost a million Switch got sold and this is about three times faster than the PS4.

But despite enjoying an impactful debut, the Nintendo Switch is still pending to fulfil its sales potential. This means that the Switch should’ve been selling at a faster rate but the delays to various highly anticipated titles held the console back.

Among them is Monster Hunter XX, which has been confirmed to get ported over to the Switch. The game is a bestseller on the 3DS and this has motivated the developers to do one better on the Switch. The confirmation got the gamers excited but unfortunately, Monster Hunter XX is delayed in the process.

If the rumors are to be referred to, the developers are refining Monster Hunter XX so that it can perform best on the Switch. This has resulted in the delay which pushes Monster Hunter XX debut to Q4 this year. When the game arrives, we can finally see the Switch selling at an even faster pace.

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    May 14, 2017 at 12:59 pm

    At the time of this post, Monster Hunter XX still wasn’t confirmed for Nintendo Switch.