Monster Hunter XX vs Monster Hunter World: It’s Not Meant To Happen

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It is official. Capcom has confirmed that Monster Hunter XX will be coming to the Nintendo Switch but the porting of the game is said to be restricted for Asian regions only.

The news shocked many living here in the US as they don’t understand why Capcom is denying Monster Hunter XX in the west. Well, the reason for the block placed on Monster Hunter XX is because Capcom is afraid that the game will compete with Monster Hunter World.

While the majority of the fans will likely purchase both Monster Hunter games if made available, they won’t plan to get the two titles right away. Monster Hunter is known for its long hours of gameplay hence it will take a very long while for a version to get replaced with another version.

As such, having Monster Hunter XX in a region that already has Monster Hunter World will cannibalize sales – split between the two titles.