MyNintendo Gold Points Brings Poor Prospects To Nintendo Switch

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The Nintendo Switch may be the world’s fastest selling console and it will be a matter of time before the system outsells both the Xbox One and the Sony PS4.

Despite the success of the Switch, there are some things about the hybrid system that aren’t as good as its rivals and among them is the online services from Nintendo.

The Nintendo eShop is considered to be really poor in terms of user-friendliness and it doesn’t help knowing that the online currency that is supported by the store has been unappealing.

Nintendo is hoping to change this and they have since announced on MyNintendo Gold Points that can be used on the eShop starting March next month.

Despite promising a good change to the online experience via the Switch, Nintendo’s history of online offerings can’t change the poor prospects of this upcoming service.

Historically Nintendo rewards have been pretty bad like redeem coins for coupons which involve unattractive titles. Also, many are expecting 100 points to translate into $1 in value which makes it unexciting at all.

But of course, we can’t put a verdict on it until the eShop gets updated next month so it is best to wait and see.